A new ebook on how to use generated tests to find more bugs!

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If you have every found building unit test after unit test to be tedious and wondered if there is a better way to do it then this is the book for you!

Find Bugs faster!!

This book will teach you how to generate tests which will find more defects in your JavaScript faster, by testing things you never would have thought to test.

This book will teach you to build property based tests which will have your computer test hundreds of possible inputs to your code. This takes a bit more upfront work but will pay off in helping you find bugs faster than other testing methods.

Find JavaScript Bugs Faster! will be an ebook of about 50 pages (PDF Format) that will start with explaining the basic concepts of Property-Based testing (QuickCheck), and show you how to effectively test your applications with generated tests

Property Based testing has proven itself again and again to be a very effective way to fine the strange corner cases in a code base, including incorrect escaping, special values that break a system and other limits.

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